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Cool little tripod how ever cheaply made adjusts well but the quality is poor. However, if the quality was better it would be much nicer you have to be careful with it as it is Delicate for a tool that I use frequently I don’t see it lasting long

It’s too complicated. Sorry I missed the return window.

Broken / cracked case

The laser works perfect!
The case has a cracked / broken cornern and had some issues with the delivery.

works well


i’m happy for receiving things from you and appreciate your service.


Do u sell spare batteries?

No extra battery..not bright enough for outside on bright day

Everything I needed a laser to do

Bought this to help me set forms for concrete pour for my detached 24 x 24 workshop. Great accuracy and easy to use. Used it during bright sunny day and used the included Huepar Line Laser Detector. Rechargeable battery pack and hard storage case are awesome standard options.

Perfect Laser

Everything about this laser is very well designed and well thought out.
It is very user friendly!

Easy to make small increments movements


Used it to check the level of a foundation worked 70 feet in the sun light

Nice laser

Used it to build my a family members house. Works better then other lasers I’ve used


Crisp leveled, lines, even in a bright room.

Huepar PV10+ Fine-Tuning Bracket

Definitely an asset for precision alignment of laser level.

Huepar S04CG

Communication A+++++ , they send me an email about very small delay shipping. No bullshit , all informations was right. Very good product .

Huepar LP36 Telescoping Pole

I’m a retired Architect and use the Huepar LP36 Telescoping Pole with my Huepar Lazer Level for once-in-a-while home applications, I would have given it a 5 Star rating, but feel it's too light-weight for use in a full-time construction contractor application. Over all Huepar makes a great product at an affordable price point.

Accurate, but does not work to the suggested distance.

Good quality

Good quality, battery has high capacity but it needs some lock battery and better if it separate every line different buttons

Laser works great, love the adjustments and remote.

Great product

Zero issues with the laser having some receiving issues with the laser receiver but going to try indoors away from sunlight to see if that was the issue.

Also didn’t receive my “free gift” that was supposed to come with the initial order so that was disappointing.

Great indoors/impossible to use in daylight

Super helpful tool, don’t know what I did without one. Tried to use it outside and couldn’t see the lazer on my measuring tape 6’ away. Any suggestions?

Nice products

A good quality and not expensive.