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Huepar was established in 2013 and has been specializing in laser level for 10+ years. We sold in over 130 countries with 20+ warehouses around the world and we got over 95% positive rates.

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Huepar 503DG - 3x360 Green Beam Self-leveling Cross Line with Hard Carry Case

It's great tool to do flooring, tiles level... excellent experience.

Awesome laser level

Excellent quality!
Very bright laser beam, thankfully it can be adjusted to a lighter brightness to ease strain on eyes.
Works excellent with the receiver for outside work; tested at 135' straight line with no problems.
Very easy to use.
I would definitely recommend it for inside work, but especially for outside work!

Awesome Cross line laser

Awesome cross line laser for a great price. Definitely have and will recommend.

Huepar S04CG - 16 Lines Self-Leveling LCD Screen Laser Level

Really do what is suppose to do

I’m really happy delivery fast green laser is a must.
Can’t be more happy!

Great piece of equipment

I work in tiling, this laser is perfect for what I need. The most important aspect is that it can do 360 degrees which is amazing.

4d laser

Excellent quality for the price. definitely recommend

Great product

Great product, affordable .
A lot of features.

Green Shipping Protection
Edward Cicero Cicero

Very satisfied with the shipping

very good laser, at a good price
Thank you


Fait ce qu’il doit faire, j’avais des doutes mais effectivement travail très bien . Les reviews sont exact.

Much easier to see.

This is a green laser level that is much easier to see than the red. This is extremely well made and holds up to quite a bit of abuse.

This is a great product. Have been using it to renovate an old cottage which is quite out of level. It is very durable as we have accidentally dropped it. Planning on getting some accessories. My friends have also purchased Huepar and give it a thumbs up.

Je l’adore

J’adore ce niveau

Excellent idea

Wish it was built much stronger.

Green Shipping Protection
Sue VanHalteren
No dents

Delivered without a hitch, intact and dent free. Thanks

Pas encore utilisé mais je suis convaincu que cet outil va bien faire le travail


Very good

Does the job ,but not as well made as the Bosch

Excellent service

Huepar B03CG Pro - 3 x 360° Green Beam Cross Line Self-leveling Laser Level with Hard Carry Case

Quick response and good communication.

Perfect for what I need

Easy to use, not big and bulky

Free shipping

Free worldwide shipping and returns - customs and duties taxes included.