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What is 3D Laser Level?

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A 3D laser level is illuminates laser lines that simultaneously form a 360° horizontal plane and two 360° vertical planes. 3 special laser lines cover the floor, walls and ceiling around the target room at the same time, allowing the user to select each of the three laser lines depending on the job site application.
A typical example of this is Huepar B03CG, which features dual power supply technology and a high capacity 3.7V / 5200mAh lithium battery, providing up to 8 hours of working time. With our advanced pendulum technology,  Huepar B03CG takes only three seconds to level. Once the pendulum is locked, it switches to manual mode to lock the line for use at any angle. This helps to make your work easier and more efficient.

3D Laser level B03CG


After years of technical accumulation and research, Huepar has once again broken through technology, which will help you if you are already good enough at building technology but still want to work more efficiently. It can help you 38% improvement in measurement accuracy, 25% improvement in measurement distance, 30% improvement in clarity, and a larger battery capacity and up to 8 hours working time for more work situations.

When using a normal laser level during the day, the bright sunlight tends to weaken much of the laser, but this one radiates a green light that makes it easy to see, this laser tool is highly visible in addition to the highly visible green beam, the energy saving pulse mode if used in conjunction with the Huepar LR-6RG/LR-5RG laser receiver, it can extend the laser working range up to 200Ft, which is very cost effective. It has a wide range of applications and can easily help you hang pictures at the same exact height, complete wall tile projects, or finish wallpaper decorating projects, etc. It can also project vertical cross lines to accurately help you complete a range of DIY projects.

3d laser level b03cg


The Huepar B03CG has an IP54 waterproof/dustproof overmoulded laser window to ensure you can work properly in difficult working conditions. The B03CG has 1/4"-20 and 5/8"-11 mounting threads on the bottom to accommodate different tripod threads that can be used with it. Its powerful magnetic swivel base allows attachment to metal rails and steel.

3d laser level b03cg



When you have researched Hilti, Bosch, Dewalt, Klein and other brands of lasers, you simply can't justify the cost of a green laser at $400 to over $1000. Huepar's 3-wire laser level, once you know what it can do and look at its price, you will love it.

The 3-wire laser level has almost unlimited levels of application to meet the needs of the most common occasions and, in addition to the quality guarantee, more importantly, it is beautifully priced and will help you save a great deal of money.

Using a 3D laser level will make your work easier and faster than if you only used a traditional level. You'll also be able to work more accurately thanks to its 360-degree rotation feature, which provides exceptional ease of use. And since it's wireless, all you have to do is plug it in and walk away from it - you don't have to worry about wires or cables getting in your way! You don't need electrical equipment, either. You also don't need an electrical outlet nearby when working with the 3D laser level. Because of its durability and portability (it weighs about 3 pounds), you'll be able to transport it easily between different job sites.

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